Settle your crying baby! Use ShhCharlie to calm your newborn with great shushes and white noise, and record your own soothing sounds.

Soothe Your Baby to Sleep!

You've been trying to settle your baby for hours, but the only one falling to sleep is you. Soothing background noise can help calm your baby, but there's only so much vacuuming you can do. I had the same problem when my newborn son Charlie came along, so I developed this app.

The app works with Apple AirPlay devices too, so you can play back the sounds through your wireless speakers if they support AirPlay, or through your car's stereo if it supports playback from the iPhone.

What's more, you can record your own shush sounds - perfect if your baby just responds to your voice, but you can't be there.

See the App in action

We new friends!