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We build modern IT platforms that deliver great user experience.


From consulting to contract development to fully managed solutions, we can help with your project.


We've experience building and deploying full stack applications across cloud and high performance computing platforms. From small coding projects to full application lifecycle, get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Need help specifying or designing a project? Our expertise in requirements analysis, software design, UML, SCRUM and UX design and development will help you get things off the ground.


Looking for help with industrial or academic R&D? Our experience in research software development, as well as dealing with funding agencies, can help.

Front, Back, Full Stack

These are some of the technologies we use to build solutions:

  • Front End

    iOS, Android, Swift, JavaScript, Gulp, Bootstrap, jQuery, ReactJS, Material Design, Sketch, UX, UI, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, GWT

  • Back End

    Java, C++, C, Objective-C, MFC, Node.js, Express, Python, Perl, Bash, J2EE, SpringFramework, Microservices, Hibernate ORM, Tomcat, Apache, SAML, JDBC, PostreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB.

  • DEVOPS/Cloud/HPC

    DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud, MPI, GPU, OpenCL, CUDA ROCKS, SGE, PBS, LoadLeveler, CentOS, Ubuntu, Solaris, Windows, NFS, NIS, Samba, Git.

  • Big Data/Analytics

    Google Analytics, S3, OpenStack Swift, OpenRDF Sesame, OWL, MatLab, Multi-Agent Systems, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Neural Networks, MapReduce.

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These are some of our products:


ShhCharlie is a baby soothing app for iPhone and iPad, developed in Swift, that allows you to record and play back calming noises to help your child to sleep.


SimpleAuthService is a lightweight user management and token issuing REST service, developed in Java, for deployment in microservice architectures.


SAS-UI is a management interface for SimpleAuthService developed in Node.js.

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